Rain or shine, The Cosmic Cowboy Eclipse Festival is getting some residents excited

Posted at 7:24 AM, Apr 04, 2024

HILLSBORO, Texas — "We’ve never had anything like this this big," Adam Morris, a concertgoer and Hillsboro resident, said.

After moving from England to our community in Hillsboro, Morris is excited about Monday's solar eclipse and the Cosmic Cowboy Eclipse Festival. He’s one of about 800 people who purchased tickets for the three-day festival.

“So you know, good to get out and about. We’re gonna catch up with some friends, a little party, and listen to some good music," Morris said.

While Morris is counting down, the owner and organizer of the event told me it's been 10 months in the making to bring something different to his community.

Rick Redmond is the owner and organizer of the festival.

“It’ll be a life-changing experience for whoever happens to be here, especially in a group," Redmond said.

The festival will be filled with music from artists like Uncle Lucius, The Bellamy Brothers and more. There will also be a carnival for families. Although children four and under are free, that’s not enticing enough for one local who told me she prefers to stay away from big crowds.

“I think the traffic is going to be heavy and it’s going to be too busy. Because there’s a lot of germs out there and I don’t want to take that home to my grandchildren," resident Donna Shifflett said.

Redmond is predicting close to 2,000 people will watch the eclipse in that area and is hoping he gets that same amount for the scheduled concerts.

"Are you all going to still have this if it rains?" Chantale asked.

"We’re still gonna be here rain or shine," Redmond said.

“It will be just good for the town,” Morris said.