'Eclipseboro' events enjoyed by locals ahead of the big day

Posted at 8:02 AM, Apr 08, 2024

HILLSBORO, Texas — James and Kelsey Bobo enjoyed their time as a family at the Pre-Eclipse weekend in Hillsboro.

“I thoroughly enjoy it. It feels great seeing things turned around," James and Kelsey Bobo said.

For the free event, they get to stay local with their family. And for them, it’s all about the support.

“We came for a lot of the soaps, the scrubs, a lot of the body care," Kelsey said

For the past week, I’ve traveled to Hillsboro covering several eclipse events, I’m seeing lots of locals taking a stroll in town and enjoying another.

While this may seem like an overnight event, one vendor started planning nine months for the eclipse.

"Over the last month or so we’ve been running the laser 22 hours a day," Benjamin Bowman, owner of Bowscar, said.

The time and effort Bowman put into offering something unique to residents is what’s driving people like the Bobos to spend time in downtown Hillsboro.

“People out here with small businesses that we wanna support because they’re local and they make products that we ourselves believe in," Kelsey said.

The event also offered entertainment and food trucks and the need for this care-free weekend is noticed by travelers and residents alike.

“A lot of people that aren’t familiar with Hillsboro are going to be coming into town and realizing what makes it unique," Clay Sexauer, owner of Bubble Bus Co, said.

“Everyone’s making connections and meeting new friends and learning about everybody’s products," James said.