China Spring residents collect solar eclipse glasses for children in South America

Posted at 9:53 AM, May 13, 2024
and last updated 2024-05-13 10:53:02-04

CHINA SPRING, Texas (KXXV) — Robin Donaho is dropping off another box of solar eclipse glasses at Black Daisy's in China Spring.

"I saw a post on Facebook that they were collecting eclipse glasses and I thought it was a good idea," Donaho said.

An idea so good she reached out to one local shop owner for help.

"So, I contacted Stephanie who's the owner here at the Black Daisy, and asked her if she would want to let me drop a box off here to collect the glasses," Donaho said.

Donaho and Stephanie Welch would team up to collect these special glasses for students and teachers in South America for their solar eclipse later this year.

"That moment she sent me that message it took me like four seconds to say absolutely 100% yes!" Welch said.

As a Latina living in America, Welch understands the struggle Latinas in South America endure when it comes to access and resources.

"I think that for us, like here in America, a couple of bucks, you know, means nothing for sunglasses, but in South America it's so different. The economy is so different. So I think they're going to be so excited and so grateful to have the opportunity to experience their clips," Welch said.

So far, the duo collected more than one thousand solar eclipse glasses exceeding their expectations.

In October, Welch and Donaho will ship the glasses to Concan, Texas, and from there, Astronomers Without Borders will send them to schools in South America.

While the children and teachers receiving these glasses in South America may not ever meet Donaho and Welch, here's what they want them to know.

"Just like the world is so cool. God is so cool. He does these like marvelous things. So I hope that they feel that when they're watching it just how amazing the world is," Welch said.

"We all should help each other out," Donaho said.