Police in Arizona bring snow to child born with half her heart

Posted at 11:14 AM, Jan 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-04 12:14:14-05

GILBERT, TX — Police in Arizona stepped up in a big way this week to bring some winter cheer to a sick toddler.

When they learned a family in Gilbert couldn't make it out to see a recent snowfall because of the little girl's condition, they decided to bring the snowfall to her.

"I've been tearing up all morning just watching her and her brothers happy," her mother Sandee Walker said.

She wanted to take the kids up to the high-country to see the recent snowfall, but Quinn's doctors said the trip, with the elevation, would be too much for her.

"She looks completely healthy and normal. You would never know that this little girl is fighting to stay alive," Sandee said.

Quinn was born with left side of her heart missing. At just 6 days old, she had her first open heart surgery.

Most of the time, she's on oxygen, so a trip to see snow would be tough.

Quinn's mom posted her disappointment on Facebook.

And then Casa Grande police noticed and decided to bring the snow to her.

"Priceless. Just overwhelming. Just to see her come out and have a smile and play in the snow and play with her brothers," Michael Bejarano with the Casa Grande Police Department.

"We normally go sledding and make snowmen. She's had a chance to throw snowballs at her brothers and do all that stuff here in Gilbert," Quinn’s father Adam Walker said.

Quinn is scheduled to have her third heart surgery in April and will likely need a heart transplant.