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Woman punches officer in nose, giving her concussion, during arrest

Posted at 10:20 AM, Jan 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-03 11:20:47-05

COLLEGE STATION, TX — A woman is in the Brazos County Jail after she punched an officer in the nose, giving her a concussion.

The affidavit said that on Jan. 2, an officer responded to the 16000 block of State Highway 6 in College Station to a domestic disturbance.

A man had called police because his ex-girlfriend was hitting him.

When officers arrived, the victim told police his ex-girlfriend, Danielle Mitchell. had vandalized his property and was hitting him. He told police they left a bar, and on the way back to his travel trailer, his ex-girlfriend started slapping him and pushing him.

The police approached Mitchell. Mitchell said that no one had laid hands on each other, and she appeared to be very intoxicated.

After listening to both Mitchell and the victim, as well a watching videos of Mitchell throwing keys at the victim, she was arrested for assault.

The victim told police that Mitchell might be pregnant, and she was put into the patrol unit.

As the officer began to read Mitchell her rights, she started to yell and kick the patrol car. As the officer attempted to put her in the car, she began to kick the officer.

Eventually, Mitchell shattered the glass window of the door of the patrol car. Officers put leg restraints on Mitchell due to her excessive kicking, and she proceeded to bite one of the officers. During this time, she also spit at another officer.

During transport, she continued to kick the rear window and cage. She was able to slip out of her wrist restraint, and she broke the glass to the window. She attempted to get out of the vehicle.

She continued to be combative at the detention center. After refusing to cooperate to get into a detox cell, an officer attempted to talk to her to descalate the situation.

During this time, Mitchell punched the officer in the nose with a closed fist. The officer suffered from a broken nose and a concussion due to this.

Police also found marijuana in Mitchell's purse.

Mitchell is facing two charges of assault on a public servant, as well as charges on harassment of a public servant, assault causes bodily injury, resisting search, criminal mischief and marijuana possession.

She is being held on bonds totaling $39,000.