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Navasota Animal Shelter lowers adoption fee as overcrowding continues

Posted at 12:08 PM, Mar 14, 2023
and last updated 2023-03-14 13:08:45-04

NAVASOTA, TEXAS — Like many sheltersacross the country, the one in Navasota is overcrowded and in need of dire help.

Anthony Robbins is an animal control officer at the shelter and says some months the number of animals is double the amount of cages they have.

“We bust our tails out here trying to make the dogs happy, even the cats, we try to make them have a good life,” Robbins said.

“Just until someone or the right family or person comes in.”

The shelter has a quarantine area that they’re forced to utilize for extra space too.

Robbins said that they’ve had to turn away pets because they simply don't have the space to keep them.

”They don’t have chips, they don’t have collars and we just can’t take them in,” he said.

“People call and complain,"

"But you can’t do anything about the dogs and you can’t bring them here and it sucks because the dogs are just not living a good life out there,"

"In parts of the neighborhood, it can get really bad and they aren’t living a good life like they are here.”

There are dogs there that have lived at the shelter for years.

Adoption fees are down right now to just $50 and they’re looking for fosters and loving families to adopt a furry friend.