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Mart ISD yearly active shooter training follows social media threat

Posted at 4:55 PM, Jan 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-20 20:10:05-05

MART, TX — Mart ISD's recent school threat made Monday's training matter even more. That threat was not deemed credible but the district isn't taking chances with the lives of children.

"This is the worst case scenario for these employees," said Superintendent Betsy Burnett.

From teachers to custodians, every Mart ISD staff member is now trained if the bullets become real.

"If they don't know what to do, they're like sitting ducks. More children will die. More teachers will die," said Johnny Price of Big Iron School Guardian Training.

Not on the district's watch. Superintendent Burnett says prepared leaders mean students are in safer hands.

"It teaches them to avoid, deny and defend," he said.

Big Iron visits 20 to 25 schools a year to train teachers and staff, and the number is growing.

"These are educators. They aren't tactically trained. Their focus is molding our children, molding the minds of the future. Not active shooter scenarios," said Price.

This training teaches unarmed staff to use what they have to stop an active shooter.

"They're looking for one thing- bodies. That's what they want is to have as many bodies as they can to be the next one that takes down more than the last one did," said Price.

Mart ISD increased police patrols and implemented safety measures after a social media threat in early January. A complaint was filed with the City because the school didn't think the city's police chief took the threat seriously enough.

"I hope those trained today have a different mindset. Less of fear and more prepared if the worst should happen," said Barnett.

Mart ISD schedules active shooter training each year.