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Waco woman's bill doubles following electrical issues

Posted at 10:27 AM, Jul 03, 2024

WACO, Texas (KXXV) — Takashi Smalls emailed 25 News last week about some electrical issues she was experiencing, so reporter Marc Monroy got to work looking for answers.

"Tree got cut and tore down the whole power line that powers the box," Smalls said.

When Central Texas got hit with high winds and heavy rains last month, Smalls says the electrical wire connecting to her house was damaged, leaving her without power for a week.

She called Oncor for repairs, but she says when the workers began replacing the meters, they made a mistake with her meter box.

"They switched it up — instead of putting my meter on my box, instead they put my meter on their box and their meter on my box," Smalls said.

That resulted in Smalls being charged for her and her neighbors electricity bill — the higher bills are leaving her high and dry, since she suffers from several heart issues and can't keep up with the increasing payments and her medicine and treatments.

"My average was like, $12, but then the next email I get they say it's $53, and I go, 'That's not my reader', because I don't use my electricity that way," she said.

25 News spoke several times with Oncor, who says the problem is still being resolved, but says she will be reimbursed for the extra payments.

"Hi Marc, this is Micheal Baldwin with Oncor in Waco — I've been on the phone with Mrs. Smalls and we have resolved the situation, and it doesn't seem like any further action is needed," Oncor representative, Michael Baldwin in a voicemail.