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'Not okay with me': Power outage causes issues for Central Texas Public Automotive customers

Public Automotive Group
Posted at 2:33 PM, Apr 25, 2024

CENTRAL TEXAS — Questions and confusion are again surrounding the 'Buy here, pay here' dealership, Public Automotive.

This time, an alleged power outage caused people to not be able to pay their bills in time before having their vehicles shut off.

Over the weekend, 25 News received an email that read:

"My boyfriend has not been able to contact anyone with the phone numbers listed on the news story and also everyone's car is off. So what is everyone supposed to do? How can they make a payment?"

This person wanted to stay anonymous.

They were referring to 25 News reporter Bobby Poitevint's story from last month about Public Automotive closing locations, thus creating confusion from customers on how to make payments.

Facebook users also chiming in saying their car "is off for no reason".

Another Facebook user saying "I need my car turned on".

Poitevint created a post in the Facebook group "Public Automotive Group by: Megan Davis" looking to talk to customers, and married couple Jal and Devin Gavranovic from Killeen reached out and said their car was also turned off.

While it seems phone lines are back up, 25 News met with the couple on Tuesday to hear their story and be there when they called Public Automotive to make their past due payment.

The Public Automotive staff member said over the phone, "and it wasn't paid so it turned it off that Saturday".

"Right, and I tried calling you guys on Saturday and it wasn't working," Jal responded.

"Right we were here until like, maybe 9:30 — there was a power outage. Something happened and knocked out the power so therefore we were closed down all day Saturday, well, the remainder of the day," the staff member responded.

"I'm just going to be honest with you — you guys come pick up the car, because that was unsatisfying and not okay with me, and the car's been having problems since day one — so you guys can just come pick up the car," Jal said.

"Where's the car located at," said the staff member over the phone as she continued to gather information about the vehicle's location and going over with Jal pick up procedures.

Before this interaction, Jal and Devin bought another vehicle at a different dealership to unsure reliable transportation.

Keep in mind, Central Texans do have rights in situations like this and the Texas' Lemon Law may be able to help.

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