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Rockdale receives nearly $47,000 in sales tax allocation, plans to invest in new businesses

Posted at 5:47 PM, Apr 23, 2024

ROCKDALE, Texas — The Rockdale Municipal Development District is investing in marketing to attract new businesses to Rockdale.

  • The Rockdale Municipal Development District received $47,100 in sales tax allocation — a 15% increase from last April.
  • Existing businesses like Treat Yourself Boutique are wondering how it will benefit them.
  • Economic Development Director Jim Gibson says the more businesses present, the city gets more sales tax revenue to pour money back into the community like upgrading infrastructure.


"We do a lot of cleaning throughout the day, definitely welcoming a bunch of customers when they come in."

That's a sample of Brittny Rodriguez's every day life at the treat yourself boutique in Rockdale.

When she caught wind of Rockdale getting a 15 percent increase from sales tax this month — around a little over $47,000 — she knew her store helped.

"It's grown, gosh, so much in the last four years," she said.

It's true, according to Economic Development Director Jim Gibson.

"We can see that the retail sector and the restaurant sector, the local businesses are continuing to do very well. We're starting to see some more activity in the construction and utility section," he said.

But the plan has her questioning how it could impact existing businesses like hers.

The group's investing the money to bring in new business, already budgeted in its 2024 plan.

"I will say that Rockdale is getting a lot of attention from the developers and other investors as they are looking at Central Texas area, " he said.

Don't get her wrong — she says she's all for growth.

But —

"Any money for any existing business would help," she said.

But Jim says the investment benefits the entire community.

"For example, we're able to leverage the sales tax money with a grant from the state to rebuild many of the sidewalks here in downtown," he said.

Brittny tells me it's a scary but exciting change for her hometown though she's not afraid to welcome any competition.

"I feel like being from a small town, everybody kind of supports everybody," she said.