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Rockdale non-profit asking for water bottle donations for free ice chest amid increased demands

Posted at 5:43 PM, May 28, 2024

ROCKDALE, Texas (KRHD) — Non-profit Street Ministries 25:40 in Rockdale is setting out its water cooler ahead of higher temperatures, but they're needing the community's help to meet an increased demand.

  • Non-profit Street Ministries usually sets up a water cooler each year providing free bottled water to help the community stay hydrated during the summer.
  • Founder Jason Hale says the organization will need more than 100 cases of water to supply it after seeing an increased demand.
  • Now, he's turning to the community for donations of water and ice.


One thing Paul Nardella remembers —

When the temperature rises in our community, so does the demand for water from Street Ministries ice chest.

"When I used to come up here to get water, sometimes in the evening before I tried to lay down and just have a little bit of cool water to take home, and it'd be empty," he said.

But that demand is falling back on the non-profit's founder Jason Hale.

"This will be our third summer doing it…there's not a lot of places in the area that have just places where you can get water," Hale said.

So, he's calling for help.

He needs donations from Central Texas.

"Yeah, we go through water quite a bit, you know, probably, we'll probably get eight to ten on a weekly basis," he said.

Jason tells me they only have two cases of water so far but they need more than a hundred cases to last through the summer, and the costs are adding up.

"If we did, you know, roughly $10 a day, and when you do that for, what is it, two to three months, you know, that adds up quite a, quite a bit," Hale said.

Jason says he wants to keep helping people like Paul.

"Because of where I was living and stuff that I had no ways of having cold water or anything," Nardella said.

"What happens if y'all don't get enough water this summer?"

"I never really thought about it. My faith is just saying God's going to provide," Hale said.