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Residents voice concerns over dangling utility pole along West 22nd Street, North Austin Avenue in Cameron

Posted at 5:47 PM, Apr 22, 2024

CAMERON, Texas — Some residents are concerned about a repaired power pole along West 22nd Street and North Austin Avenue in Cameron since the old pole is still dangling from the new one.

  • Power company ONCOR repaired a utility pole after a car crashed into it in December.
  • But resident Robert Blackmon says he has safety concerns since the company tied the old pole to the new one.
  • The company says they're investigating the area and that what they can do about the pole depends on who actually owns it.


"It looks like it's tied at the bottom with a bungee cord and a piece of copper wire, and it looks like it's tied at the top."

An eyesore — that's what Cameron resident Robert Blackmon calls it.

"I come out here at least once a week probably," he said.

He's talking about a repaired power pole along West 22nd and North Austin Streets.

But there's one more thing: the old pole that's hanging from it.

And Robert is worried.

A car crashed into this pole back in December.

Power company ONCOR fixed it the same day, leaving the pole.

"I mean it's been it's been since December. We're now in April," Robert said.

Robert says he hasn't called ONCOR with his concerns.

"I think it's sad that somebody would have to call to come back out to do this because I think people are waiting to see if they're going to finish it," he said.

So, I gave them a call.

As of Monday afternoon, they tell me they're working on investigating the area and will update me once they have more information.

They also say what can be done depends on who actually owns the pole.

Robert says he's just worried someone will get hurt or worse.

"If somebody hits that pole, that's probably 800, 900 pounds is going to come down on their car or somebody. It can't be safe," he said.