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Students gain real world experience with in-house Credit Union

University High School students excel their future banking careers
Posted at 5:40 PM, Feb 21, 2024

WACO, Texas — University High School has a working Educators Credit Union inside the school, operating Tuesday through Thursday from 11:25 a.m. to 12:25 p.m. Students have multiple roles in the credit union, giving them financial literacy and a chance to excel in their careers early on.


University High junior Joseph Caballero is taking the first steps in his financial responsibility, opening up a checking account, but this bank looks a little different.

“I wanted to open up an account here just because it’s right here, it’s in the school, and it’s easy to come and check on my money or if I need any money for the snack line,” Caballero said.

There’s an Educators Credit Union branch housed inside University High School, where students and staff can get everything a normal bank offers.

“It’s right here in front of them, so, it’s easy for them, we can get them a checking account starting that day, and get the ball rolling,” said business teacher Bennett Hoefer.

Giving them hands-on experience.

“They’re doing the same training as entry-level tellers, and they’re opening up the doors, they’re closing the doors, they’re getting real-world experience,” Hoefer said.

And education in the banking world.

"Then when they’re not in the bank, we’re going through the training, whether it’s accounting or investments or anything like that, this class kind of does it all,” Hoefer said.

For Junior Zhryeà Courtney—

“It’s persued me to go into banking,” Courtney said.

It’s jump starting her career.

“It’s given me the skills not only as a teller, but if I was a customer coming in. It gives me the experience and it helps me know exactly what it is that I will be doing that way I can have my mind made up after,” Courtney said.