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Learning to eat right for the New Year

Dr. John Myers with Baylor Scott & White Health gives tips on how to start eating right in the new year.
Posted at 9:01 AM, Jan 05, 2024
and last updated 2024-01-05 10:01:53-05

WACO, Texas — Are you ready to get in shape and healthy for the new year?

Heather Healy is ready to take the journey with you, first starting with tips on how to eat right.

She spoke with John Myers, Family Medicine doctor at Baylor Scott & White Health on how to get started and not get overwhelmed.


Let’s first start with diet.

“It’s really just consistency that’s the number one key,” Dr. John Myers said.

We all think that we have to rush out to the grocery store and buy the healthiest things we can find.

But Dr. John Myers with Baylor Scott & White tells me that’s not the case.

“So I think the first thing is to really analyze your life. Everybody’s circumstances are different. A lot of time when people start the new year, they start by doing a lot of things all at one time, and that is very overwhelming,” Dr. Myers said.

Dr. Myers explains it’s easier to break down the process into bite-size pieces.

Then, slowly build that healthier lifestyle in a sustainable way, with foods you know you’re going to eat.

“In general, the more whole non-processed foods you can eat, fruits, vegetables, lean meats that are not fried, those sorts of things the better you’re going to do and the better you’re going to feel,” Dr. Myers said.

And if you struggle with those processed carbs and sugar cravings like Heather, this simple advice can help you in the long run.

“Limit your exposure to those things, don’t keep those in the house. The things you really struggle with you kind of know better than anybody else and just try to limit your temptation. The less it is around you, the less you’ll have to eat. And every once in a while if you do eat some, you won’t fee as bad because it’s more of a treat,” adds Dr. Myers.

Also, focusing on protein first, eating slowly, choosing a smaller plate rather than bigger, and keeping those healthier options out so you can see them better will help you keep on track. And if you fall off the wagon every now and then, give yourself some grace, it will set you up for success in the long run.

“Your health really matters because it maximizes your purpose and help you live the life you really want to live, and so, it’s just really important to keep that in the front of your mind and try not to get so side-tracked by the distractions that you forget about it,” concludes Dr. Myers.