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'It’s very bittersweet': Brazos High School to close after declining enrollment

Brazos High School and its recovery credit program are no longer as the program and students will be merging with University and Waco High schools.
Posted at 8:55 AM, Jun 12, 2024

WACO, Texas (KXXV) — Former Principal of Brazos High School, Daphanie Latchison, walks down the halls of the high school one final time as the school is closing due to declining enrollment.

  • Their credit recovery program as well as current students will now be merged with University and Waco High schools.


Former principal Daphanie Latchison walks down the halls of Brazos High School one final time.

“It’s very bittersweet because of the close family atmosphere from going to a much smaller network, to a larger network,” Latchison said.

She's reflecting on its history, as the school just graduated its last class a few weeks ago.

Out of 100 students, 95 walked across the stage.

“We have been at-risk students second chance or their last chance of getting a high school diploma,” Latchison said.

The students who attended were credit deficient in at least 15 credits or did not meet state attendance requirements — missing more than 10 percent of required school days.

“Basically you want to catch them early because what we have noticed over the years is sometimes their case load is so overwhelming to where they lose confidence. So, if you catch them, when their load is much lesser, then they can cover their credits much earlier,” Latchison said.

So where do current students go? Latchison explains...

“Pretty much taking what we do at Brazos and dropping it at Waco High and University, so, different location, same expectation,” Latchison said.

High expectations for a facility that will now serve a greater need in Waco ISD.

“We are in the works of putting EOAC, Early Head Start Education, on the first hallway which is going to cater to the needs of our teen parent population,” Latchison said.

A change that’s needed for greater things to come.

“It’ll be a learning curve, but I’m definitely ready for it,” Latchison said.