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Hillsboro ISD shortens school week

Posted at 6:17 PM, Mar 21, 2024

HILLSBORO, Texas — "Teachers need a break, which is represented by you know, the fall day week, and yes, we do need more teachers," said Schivonne John, science teacher at Hillsboro ISD.

At Hillsboro ISD next school year, students in our neighborhoods will have a major change, four-day school weeks.

“I have more time to focus on my dual credit classes because you know like a lot of the online ones you don’t have as much time to do it at school," said junior, Treasure Griffin.

Superintendent Darrell Brown tells me there’s a two-part benefit he tells me that solves a problem, finding teachers.

“It was just very challenging these past few years to get qualified applicants — if you've ever been a teacher, I understand it's it's a difficult job to be prepared," said Hillsboro ISD, Superintendent Darrell Brown.

"To get additional time to plan your instruction with your colleagues to get some additional family time."

I spent the day with one teacher who has two young kids. She tells me family time is hard to get as an educator.

"We need to fill all of our teaching positions — and you know, this academic year, that was one of the areas that you know, it was a little bit of a struggle," John said.

Although students and teachers are ready for the four-day week — many parents aren't.

While some praised the change, many posting online they're against the change, like Sharon Wooten who wrote:

"Not sure this is the best plan for the actual student!!! I May or may not pull my kids!!! That is the question!!"

Treasure tells me she’s not concerned about the shorter school week.

“It won't be as stressful because you have that extra day to do any schoolwork you don't finish throughout the week," Treasure said.