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Hail storm kept local resident out of a vehicle for months

Posted at 9:13 AM, Apr 26, 2024

HILL COUNTY, Texas — "It sat at the AutoCzech for five months waiting on the insurance company," Andrew McPherson said, who had a vehicle damaged by a hail storm.

Last year's hail storm that hit Blooming Grove is one McPherson won't forget.

"I started seeing like baseball-sized hail come down, and the wind blew me off the side of the road," McPherson said.

At that moment, McPherson found himself on the phone making multiple calls to his insurance company and a local body shop.

"And five months later, they decided they were going to fix it, they weren't going to fix it, and it rained three inches when my sunroof busted, and it rained three inches in the cabin truck," McPherson said.

His vehicle was sent to AutoCzech in the City of West. The collision shop warned him it would be several months before progress was made.

"Roof damage replacement that's an that's considered an extensive repair for a vehicle, so we can only take on so many large jobs at one time due to the lack of technicians in the shop," AutoCzech collision manager Shawn Kaluza said.

While McPherson waited for an answer, he had to borrow a car from work to get around.

"If you did not have that company car to drive…"

"I would have had to buy another car. There was not a hood cap, quarter panel, grill, fender tailgate, and everything had dents on it," McPherson said.

Kaluza said repairs for hail damages can rack up fast.

"Three to $4,000 if you get into roof replacements, you can get in that $10,000 plus range pretty easy," Kaluza said.

McPherson said he finally got the issue resolved. Although it wasn't the outcome he expected, he's happy it's all over.

"It came out to be twenty grand to fix it, and they went ahead and totaled it out," McPherson said.