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Buc-ee's coming to Hillsboro

Posted at 11:19 AM, Mar 21, 2024

HILLSBORO, Texas — "My kids are excited about the Buc-ee's nuggets," said Sarah Garden, executive director for Casa of Hill County Texas.

Garden is one of many in Hillsboro who already has her mind made up about Buc-ee's coming to her area. Although her kids are excited about the food — there are benefits that she says can put Hillsboro on the map.

“It provides good stable well-paying jobs for members of the community and that's something that's important as cost of living goes up. You know, families need more income and this offers that opportunity here," Gardner said.

One business owner in Hillsboro says among her business friends, they're worried about how this will impact their mom-and-pop shops.

“I know a lot of businesses in town — their employees are going to work there and I'm thankful that my employees are staying here," said Stacey Hunt, owner of Overflow.

Buc-ee's is offering employees starting pay ranging from $18-$23 — that's around four dollars more than some retail shops in the area.

It’s a wage one economic director tells me, puts residents in Hillsboro and Central Texas in a good position.

“Hopefully, the Buc-ee's effect will have the same impact on some of the other jobs in town to where people get paid a living wage — maybe could afford a house now to where they've had had to rent," said Community and Economic Development Director, Arthur Mann.

"We have about 1,700 houses in the planning stages to be added to the community in the next two to five years."

But before anyone can get excited about Buc-ee’s, the building has to first be completed — Mann says the popular gas station stop ran into some problems.

“We're shooting for the eclipse but don't think they're going to quite make it on April 8th."

"What can be stopping them from opening up on April 8th?", asked 25 News reporter Chantale Belefanti.

"Supply chain issues still, even from the COVID they can get some electrical parts in that they need to get their certificate of occupancy," Mann said.

But whenever the opening happens, Garden says there will be a definite impact.

“See everything that Hillsboro has to offer its beauty and its sense of community — and it's a great place to live and work," Garden said.