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Hearne woman wins car show with retro Cadillac

Posted at 9:04 AM, Jul 11, 2024

HEARNE, Texas (KRHD) — Emma Alford, a resident living in the Robertson County unintentionally won her very first car show in Houston, Texas. Now, she wants to do her part in breaking barriers for women at car shows.

  • Studies show that women represent about 10-15% of participants at auto shows.
  • Facebook post of Emma Alford at the 2024 Houston Holiday.
  • Emma Alford plans on attending more car shows in the future, to help break down barriers for women that participate in auto shows.


"I decided to put that, because kind of up in age, I'm 59, and I'm holding with the cars, and my name is Emma," car owner, Emma Alford said.

The winner of this years "Houston Holiday Car Show" is a green, 1990 Cadillac brougham -- and you can find it in the heart of Hearne.

"I didn't go to compete, I went because they invited me and made me a flyer. And I did. I won first place. Best female in first place class," Alford said.

Emma Alford didn't expect to win this competition -- but she tells me she'll never forget it happening.

"It was nice, I really did like it," Emma said. "That was my first time ever competing, well, I didn't know I was competing, but that was my first time."

This green Cadillac wasn't an individual project. Her husband helped her, and Emma calls him her biggest motivation.

"He can restore a car and make it look brand new," Alford said. "Any kind of car that you want, he can go find it. That's the kind of type of person he is."

Emma thinks this is a fun hobby to do, but wants neighbors to know that if you're going to do it, to do it your own, unique way.

"You can't let nobody tell you how to do your car, you got to do it your own self, like, you do your car to what you want it," Emma said.

Alford tells me that she was one of the only women that competed in this competition, but she hopes that's not always the case.