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Grackles swarm Central Texas

Posted at 1:07 PM, Feb 16, 2024
and last updated 2024-02-16 14:07:41-05

CENTRAL TEXAS — They flock, they're noisy, and seem to be everywhere in Central Texas.

Grackle birds. They’re kinda everywhere.

They’re taller and longer tailed than the typical blackbird. They tend to hang around in large groups… and if you haven’t noticed… they’re noisy.

"I’ve noticed that especially in the morning there’s like hundreds of them. They like to hang from the power lines, they like to drink from the poles of water in the empty lot next door," said Reiley Snyder, manager at Black Rifle Coffee.

“I just thought they were always annoying, and I’ve always called them Walmart birds," said resident Jade Adamson.

We wouldn’t call them Walmart birds, but Adamson does. What we do know is that these birds tend to swarm shopping centers. But other residents aren’t feeling the birds either… for other reasons.

"I kinda think it’s a nuisance. They’ve been around a lot lately since the season has changed a lot. I see a couple here and there, and bird poop gets on my car. It’s kinda of a problem to deal with cleaning the car over and over again," said resident Isaiah Ramos.

Isaiah isn't the only one who complaining about the Grackle poop. Snyder had this to say: "The most annoying thing is that they like to use our patio. There’s a lot of bird poop and things. So we specifically go out and clean so nobody has to sit in it.”

Although many may spot Grackle birds in large flocks, the population of the birds are around 70 million, which is far from their peak population of 190 million.

“I am really tired of seeing them around. I know the winter is coming still so I’m just hoping they’re be gone soon," said resident Issac Ramos.