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'They are doing the best they can': Marlin working on multiple leaks throughout the city

The city says they have worked on more than three leaks and will continue to do so until all are fixed. Some residents have had low water pressure for more than three days.
Posted at 6:31 PM, Jul 08, 2024

MARLIN, Texas (KXXV) — "Obviously you should never drink the water here, read the report it will let you know,” said Marlin resident. Arthur Balfour.

Some people living in Marlin have now gone more than three days with low water pressure — some with no water at all.

The city is currently under Stage 4 water restrictions and a boil water notice.

"It fluctuates — low water or no water. But hopefully this isn't that bad,” Balfour said.

25 News spoke to one man who says the water issues here in Marlin continue to resurface.

"Showering is the issue when you get low water pressure, and at times the water does go off," Balfour said.

"It's going to rain in about another hour or two and it's definitely going to affect the water."

Driving through Marlin, 25 News was able to see crews working on several leaks, including one of the biggest on Coleman street directly behind H-E-B.

"We've got multiple leaks throughout town — we just got done repairing two, we have three more that we know of. We are getting reports all day,” said Marlin Public Works Director, Scott Fornash.

Fornash says the location and size of the leaks are making things difficult.

"The hardest part is accessibility to them — a lot of the leaks like the one we're about to work on right now are in a ditch area and it's been raining and it's muddy, the grass is tall," Fornash said.

"Getting equipment in and out of there is kind of tricky, so we have to watch that."

The City of Marlin spent Sunday afternoon distributing free bottled water to residents.

An update from the city stated that they are currently losing more than three million gallons of water a day.

Although the circumstance is unfortunate, the city says that they are doing everything they can.

"We are doing the best with what we got — we have two crews that do water and sewer repairs and these guys are working nonstop," Fornash said.

"Just have respect for my guys, we are working and they are doing the best they can with what we have."

The city asks that residents conserve as much water as possible, and if you have any knowledge of a leak to please call city hall.

The city has confirmed it’s receiving assistance for the TEEX Public Works, but there is no timeline on when all leaks will be fixed.