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Residents in Marlin are frustrated as water issues continue to resurface

Residents in Marlin are frustrated as water issues continue to resurface, especially after the city has received millions from the Texas Water Development Board.
Posted at 6:39 PM, Apr 23, 2024
and last updated 2024-04-23 19:39:02-04

MARLIN, Texas — "It's all about leadership, and we do not have the right leadership right now to go forward and get this done,” said Marlin city council member John Armstrong.

Leadership — it's something many residents in Marlin tell me has failed in our community.

With water issues continuing to resurface, council members are also beginning to show their frustration.

I did some digging and discovered that in less than five years, the city of Marlin has received more than $20 million from the Texas Water Development Board for water infrastructure improvements.

But still, water continues to pop up as a major issue for our neighbors.

"Yes we have received money… grant money to do what we need to do,” Armstrong said.

Marlin City Council member John Armstrong shared that he believes it's a matter of money mismanagement.

"If a city stays poor it continues to get grants — so what appears to me is that certain parties in this city seem to want to keep Marlin poor to keep getting grant money,” Armstrong said.

People living here are also frustrated with the inconvenience.

“Mayor Byrd has been pushing Brushy Creek offering no other ideas about water conservation — I feel that the millions spent on Brushy Creek would be better spent by fixing wasteful water infrastructure,” said Marlin resident Pam Kelly.

Armstrong shared that he's also frustrated with his fellow city leaders.

"Our mayor has not moved with this information and with these resources — as a matter of fact, there has been a halt put to it and why… I can’t even tell you,” Armstrong said.

25 News brought you the story in January, when many Marlin residents went more than two weeks without clean water.

And just this week... 25 News also told you the city is back under a boil water notice after residents were again left with no water for several hours.

Armstrong says he believes new leadership is the key to seeing change in the community.

"We need to take a stance and fight this system to stamp it out at all cost so that this city could grow as it should at the potential that it has,” Armstrong said.

25 News reached out to Mayor Susan Byrd for details on how the city is spending millions in state taxpayer money — however, we’re told she is unavailable for comment all this week.