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Marlin community members come together after discovering severe neglect at local animal center

Community members came together to adopt all eleven dogs at the Marlin Animal Control Center, after released footage showed the shelter's terrible condition.
Posted at 7:38 PM, Jan 10, 2024
and last updated 2024-01-10 20:38:23-05

MARLIN, Texas — The Marlin community is outraged upon the discovery of several dead dogs at the Marlin Animal Control Center.


“No one wants to see any animals in that building, and we are going to ban together and keep that shelter empty until change is made,” said owner of Tigger Coffee, Michelle Ward.

A community filled with frustration — yesterday morning, Jeffrey Rich walked into the Marlin Animal Shelter and could not believe what he had seen.

“I came to the back, and that’s when I lifted up the tarp and that’s when I saw a deceased dog, and that’s when I started to do a little more looking," Rich said.

"I saw the dogs were covered in feces with no food and no water, and the bowls were really dry — they had not been fed in a minute."

The owner of a local coffee shop says she is determined to take charge of the shelter, and she says the person in charge should have never been there.

"The current person in charge of the shelter needs to be fired immediately," Ward said.

"The conditions yesterday… there’s no explanation for that. She didn’t do her job and she needs to be terminated immediately."

Throughout the day on Wednesday, several members of the community came together to adopt all eleven dogs that were inside of the shelter.

Citizens of Marlin have shared their frustration with several city officials — as of now the shelter is no longer taking in any animals.

The police chief was present at the shelter on Wednesday, but refused to comment on the situation.