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Marlin city council members address why they were not present at Tuesday's city council meeting

Several members of the Marlin City Council did not attend Tuesday's council meeting, leading to its cancellation. We tracked down those members to ask why they weren't present.
Falls County sheriffs office
Posted at 7:11 AM, Feb 15, 2024
and last updated 2024-02-15 08:11:14-05

MARLIN, Texas — “What ya'll are probably wanting and what people are probably wanting is justice. I want the same thing but my stress level can not handle what I deal with on that council,” said Marlin City council member Monica Washington.

Tuesday's city council meeting was canceled due to the lack of council members in attendance, as stated by Marlin's mayor Susan Byrd.

She said that two were out sick and another was on vacation.

25 News' Madison Myers went to the homes of those council members to confirm why they weren't there.

Council member Monica Washington—who Mayor Byrd said was sick—confirmed with us she did not attend the meeting because she was feeling ill.

“I am ready to get out of the council because my hands are tied with a lot of things. I do want people to get justice or answers,” Washington said.

25 News asked Washington if she would be attending the council meeting that was rescheduled for Friday afternoon.

“I will not… I will not,” Washington said.

Council member John Armstrong did confirm with 25 News that he was sick and stated that he would be attending Friday's meeting if he was feeling better.

And after several attempts of contacting Falls County Sheriff Joe Lopez about the animal shelter investigation, Madison Myers was finally able to speak with him on the phone.

He told 25 News he did not want to make a comment on the investigation and would not comment on whether or not he will be getting help from the Texas Rangers.

The Marlin city council meeting is rescheduled for Friday at 6:30 p.m..

There will have to be at least four council members in attendance for the meeting to legally go on.