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Former Marlin city employee seeking legal action against the city after being fired unexpectedly

Fabiola Mendoza says she was unaware of any issues or complaints prior to being terminated.
Posted at 6:18 PM, May 20, 2024

MARLIN, Texas — "I was doing my job... positive things, and then the last two weeks it just turned from positive to negative,” said former City of Marlin employee, Fabiola Mendoza.

Fabiola Mendoza worked as a Water Clerk for the city of Marlin.

That was until two weeks ago, when she was unexpectedly fired.

"I was accused of something I didn’t do, and then they pretty much just let me go,” Mendoza said.

During her last few weeks working, she says the city told her she had numerous complaints from residents.

One of them claimed that she belittled a Caucasian ma, but was friendly to a Hispanic woman.

She tells 25 News she then asked the city for proof of her complaints.

"I asked them — I did an open records request for any complaints — they couldn’t give me none,” Mendoza said.

Mendeoza says she attempted to file a grievance, but the city denied her and told her instead she would have to do an appeal for the write up or file a complaint.

Mendoza says she was never made aware of any issues or concerns.

"I was never approached by anyone that said 'You aren’t doing this right' or 'Calm down' or anything," Mendoza said.

"In the seven months I was here I never had a complaint — never."

25 News sat down with Marlin Mayor Susan Byrd, and asked her about this post the city made about concerns with a city employee.

This post was made less than five days before Mendoza was fired.

"The City of Marlin really prides ourselves with everybody being treated in a fair and professional manner — we had an employee who several complaints were registered about who may not have been as polite and professional as that person should have been,” Byrd said in a previous interview.

Mendoza says she is seeking legal action, and that none of these claims are true.

"It carried a lot of weight and I've been stressed out," she said.

"If they didn’t want me here they should have said 'We’re letting you go' — but for them to make up stories about me, that’s not the way they should have went about it."

Mayor Susan Byrd tells 25 News she is unable to speak on the situation because it is a personnel matter.