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Chilton ISD receives recent grant from TEA to help offer CTE summer programs for students

The district offers CTE certifications that align with the job needs of the area, region, and state.
Posted at 6:12 PM, Jun 17, 2024

CHILTON, Texas (KXXV) — "It's a circle of support for these students and it's hard not to be excited to be a part of that,” said Chilton ISD CTE Director, Penny Curry.

Support — it's something Chilton ISD is focusing on giving their students, and a recent grant from the Texas Education Agency is helping them accomplish that goal.

The grant focuses on two CTE pathways that are helping prepare students for the future.

"One of them is our agriculture mechanics which allows students to get welding certificates or certifications and also our marketing and advertising academy,” said Chilton ISD Superintendent, Dr. Brandon Hubbard.

Prior to this summer, Chilton ISD offered a variety of other certifications including cosmetology, law enforcement, food handlers, health sciences, and more — all to help students get future jobs in our neighborhoods

"We were very intentional in the programs of study we chose," Curry said.

"We aligned those with our community and area needs as well as the regional and state needs."

Dr. Hubbard tells 25 News these opportunities are something students in our community are in need of.

"We have that vision because we know many of our students are 91 percent low SES so when many of our students go to college, they have to work to put themselves through college so certifications is the way to do that,” Dr. Hubbard said.

Chilton is the of three districts in our region to receive this grant.

"Our vision for Chilton ISD is by 2026, every student will graduate not only with their diploma but with a certification so that's the vision,” Dr. Hubbard said.

The district has even begun partnering with local neighborhood businesses to provide marketing and advertising opportunities for students.

"Those opportunities that students are provided can help lift their families and by lifting their family we by return lift our community,” Dr. Hubbard said.