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Local historical church looking to recover after major floods

Pecan Grove Baptist Church is ready to bounce back after massive flooding.
Posted at 12:39 PM, May 07, 2024
and last updated 2024-05-07 13:39:30-04

GATESVILLE, Texas (KXXV) — A Texas Historical Landmark, Pecan Grove Baptist Church, has suffered major damage due to recent flooding. However, this congregation is resilient and knows that they'll recover, looking ahead to upcoming church services.


This Texas historical landmark in Gatesville has weathered many storms. But this one is unlike any other.

“It was a little bit of a shock when we first saw it,” said Pecan Grove Baptist Church Pastor Jeff Huckeby.

“As we drove up, we saw the debris line from the outside of the building and it was really high, at least half way up the walls, and we walked in and saw the mud and how the water moved everything inside the building,” Huckeby added.

The Pecan Grove Baptist Church had everything washed away from heavy rains rising from this creek.

“We’re just 20 yards from the creek. We baptized in the creek, and last year it was dry for over a year, and now, we have over an abundance of rain,” Huckeby said.

Now all that’s left: a lot of misplaced pews and a muddy floor.

“The church pews are handmade and they’re real heavy, but they floated in one direction towards the front, not the pulpit area, instead it’s towards the doors. It’s just strange how the water must’ve entered into the building and then back out again,” Huckeby said.

But where does this community go from here?

“We’re not sure the cards that are dealt to us, but we have to play that hand. We’re doing the best we can, we’ve had multiple agencies, state agencies, local agencies folks coming out of the woodwork wanting help,” said Coreyell County Sheriff Scott Williams.

Relying on faith and community to rise above.

“We’re just one big family, but, we’ll pull through this,” concluded Huckeby.