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Coryell County conducts flood survey after severe weather

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CORYELL COUNTY, Texas (KXXV) — Roads turned into rivers, neighbors' homes flooded by rain.

"It was coming out of our walls through the ground into the basement — it was coming from underneath the stairs, and outside the door it was up to three feet in front of it, and we were terrified over that," said Gatesville resident, Samantha Saxon.

"It’s destroyed a lot of stuff."

Saxon's home was just one of many heavily impacted by recent floods in Gatesville.

Now, one company is working with the city, releasing a 'Flood Management Plan Survey'.

They want to hear from Central Texas, to figure out the best way to repair damage and prevent this from happening in the future.

"The only way to know what's happening in a small rural county like this is to hear from the people that are out on the road everyday," said Steve Manning, President of Natural Resources Solutions.

Manning says the goal right now is to gather information from our community through the survey.

That then goes into the planning side of this project, where the goal is to to fix local roads, bridges, and crossings, in hopes of keeping water levels down in the future.

"I believe that the more involved that the city and the town is, in time to prepare people and let them know," Saxon said.

"When I moved to my house, I was told it would never flood, so when I say I was overwhelmed when we saw water in every direction and it's moving like crazy — there were waves going through our yard."

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