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'We're up to over 150 dogs': Burleson Co. animal rescue calls for help after population increase, bill triples

Posted at 5:19 PM, May 08, 2024
and last updated 2024-05-08 18:19:32-04

CALDWELL, Texas (KRHD) — Local animal rescue The Haven Animal Rescue of Texas is looking to Burleson County leaders for help after its food bill tripled.

  • The Haven Animal Rescue of Texas is currently caring for about 150 dogs and 20 cats, spending nearly $16,000 so far in 2024 compared to about $11,000 last year.
  • Now, they're wanting the county to help build a shelter and enforce laws on abandonment and spay-and-neutering.
  • But Judge Keith Schroeder says although they support the effort of the group, state law limits ordinances the county can pass and opening and operating a shelter would increase property taxes.


Local nonprofit, The Haven Animal Rescue of Texas, wants to help control stray animals in our community and all of Burleson County.

But they're in over their heads.

For Director Tracy Kellar, this is a labor of love.

"I've been doing this for three years," she said.

But love only goes so far.

"We feed them every day — we have to medicate them. We have to provide, you know, spay and neuters," Kellar said.

"Any medical treatment they need, we have to provide for, which we do, and it's amazing that we were able to do that, but our food bill, the last time, I believe it was over $1,000."

She's issuing a code red —they're way over capacity.

"We're up to over 150 dogs," she said.

The organization is strictly ran by volunteers, and is the only animal shelter in Burleson County.

Now, spending nearly $16,000 so far in 2024 — that's about $4,000 over last year's spending.

"It's spring time, and so we've been getting lots and lots of litters," she said.

That's why they're calling on the county for help.

"What I'd really like to see is the county build a shelter, give us some land... and see Burleson County and the state of Texas do better for animals and that all goes into laws being changed and spay-and-neuters being being enforced and abandonment being enforced," Kellar said.

"We don't we don't see any of that."

25 News reached out to Burleson County Judge Keith Schroeder, who says state law limits ordinances the county can pass and opening a shelter would increase property taxes.

But if Tracy doesn't get help soon —

"What are you guys going to do if you don't get the money you need to feed those animals?"

"I couldn't even imagine — I don't even want to think about what would happen," she said.