City of Temple issues disaster declaration ahead of Monday's eclipse

City of Temple
Posted at 6:20 PM, Apr 04, 2024

TEMPLE, Texas — The City of Temple issued a disaster declaration on Thursday, in anticipation of the total eclipse on Monday, April 8.

According to city officials, following a unanimous vote by the city council at Thursday's meeting, Mayor Tim Davis signed the declaration. This marking Friday through Monday as the focus period.

"A disaster declaration is precautionary to effectively respond to emergencies, access resources, protect citizens, and facilitate recovery efforts in the aftermath of an event," the city said.

In light of the eclipse, the City of Temple will implement the following measures:

  • City Facilities Closed: City facilities and offices will be closed on Monday, April 8 to minimize vehicular traffic and allow the city to allocate its resources more effectively towards emergency response and management.
  • Solid Waste Collection: Commercial garbage routes will run; however, residential garbage collections will be paused until Tuesday, April 9. Monday’s collections are scheduled to be picked up on Tuesday, April 9 and Tuesday’s collections are scheduled to be picked up on Wednesday, April 10.

Information in a release from the city reads as follows:
The City of Temple is expected to see an increase in population during this event. The safety and well-being of our residents are of paramount importance. Therefore, the city urges all citizens to observe the following safety tips during the eclipse:

  • Use protective eyewear when viewing the eclipse.
  • Avoid driving unless necessary.
  • Get essential groceries and gas ahead of time.
  • If you can’t call emergency services, text 911.
  • For more information and updates regarding the eclipse, please visit

The City of Temple appreciates the cooperation and understanding of its residents during this time. By working together and prioritizing safety, we can all enjoy this natural phenomenon responsibly.