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Killeen veteran searches for EMS workers who saved her life; now writing book about first responders

Veteran seeks EMS workers who saved her life
Posted at 5:39 PM, Apr 16, 2024

KILLEEN, Texas — A Killeen veteran nearly lost her life last year, but two local paramedics saved her life — now she’s reaching out to them on Facebook to say thank you.

Stephanie Weaver spends her days writing at her computer.

She’s an aspiring author who almost didn’t have the chance to finish her book.

"I realized 'I’m losing too much blood' — I’d never seen that much blood coming out of a person," Weaver said.

Last November, she called 911 as she was bleeding from a reproductive disorder.

Two paramedics arrived.

“They arrive, and I was bleeding out on the front porch," she said.

Now, five months later, she's posted on Facebook, looking to identify the EMS workers to thank them.

Killeen really stepped up.

“I was surprised to not see any mockery, and shocked to see how many people were honoring those heroes," Weaver said.

The post took on a life of its own, with more than 1,000 views and over 100 comments.

Weaver says the responders looked like Ron Swanson and Skeet Ulrich, and the memes kept coming.

She finally found the EMS workers, and told them she’s written them as characters in her book series called “Clandestine”, due out next year.

Facebook fans are eager to read it.

“On one hand, I’m so flattered — on the other hand, the pressure is on," Weaver said.

But this veteran says that for the first time in her life, she’s just glad to be alive.

“I suffered something traumatic after service and spent the last 15 years wishing I were dead, but in that ambulance something changed," Weaver said.

"I have never been more alive since.”

25 News tried speaking to the EMS workers who helped Stephanie, but they’re not interested in doing interviews at the moment, saying they were just doing their job.