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City of Killeen working to repair severely damaged roads

Killeen gets to work repairing severely damaged roads
Posted at 4:45 PM, Mar 18, 2024
and last updated 2024-03-18 19:35:19-04

KILLEEN, Texas — There is no shortage of roadwork needed in our area.

For years, streets like Stagecoach have appeared to be crumbling while others like North Gilmer have fallen beyond repair.

”We have a lot of older roads,” said Andrew Zagars, City Engineer for Killeen.

“A lot of stuff that hasn’t been maintained for a long time. The City’s been actively doing a lot of maintenance the last few years and we’re playing a lot of catch-up.”

Now they some of that much needed work is under way people have begun to notice.

Gilmer is under construction right now and it’s currently a one-way road.

”Right now, that section they have under construction, they have to keep as a one way,” said Zagars.

“It's too narrow to replace it, cut it, and for safety purposes, they’ve got to restrict the traffic down to one way.”

Some roads have been bad for years and work hasn’t started.

You can go down Bunny Trail, you can go down Stagecoach and a lot of them are still pretty bad from the freeze back in 2021— those repairs aren’t cheap.

“Funding,” said Zagars.

“The thing is Chapparral road, that’s a widening project. Right now we’re looking at $80 million. So, finding funding.”

Funding for some projects is there while the hunt continues for others.

The work on these roads is being funded through bonds, grants, and the street maintenance fee residents in Killeen pay each month.

Projects like stagecoach will be done in sections while that money builds up.