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A kitten named Tornado is fighting for her life after severe weather

Posted at 7:36 AM, May 27, 2024

WOODWAY, Texas (KXXV) — "She had lacerations on her chest and on her head," said Madison Ohler, founder of Wonky Whiskers Rescue.

A cat rescue call is typical for Wonky Whiskers Rescue… but Thursday they got a call from a lady in Temple with special circumstances.

“She found her in the rumble of the debris that happened with the tornado. She went outside to clean up her yard and she heard a little kitty meowing and she found the kitty unfortunately hurt," Ohler said.

The kitten was named Tornado after her tragic accident. She needed help immediately.

“Anytime an animal has its limbs severed that’s a pretty big deal. And then she had found the kitten in the morning and it was the evening time she had reached out so I knew time was of the essence and she drove the kitten immediately to us from Temple and we went straight to the emergency vet," Ohler said.

Ohler tells me Tornado will undergo surgery to amputate her legs. But because she's so young Tornado may not make it. It’s the fast reaction of Wonky Whiskers and a helping neighbor coming together that gave her a fighting chance.

“We were extremely willing to help because we know that the citizen that found the kitten is also having to clean their property up because of the devastating impact of the tornado so we were more so willing to step in," Ohler said.

The non-profit paid close to $4,000 to save Tornado’s life. Ohler said it’s just a matter of raising the money back to help other cats. If Tornado survives she believes she can live a full life.

“She definitely has a large audience of supporters and people who already love her," Ohler said.