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2 Central Texans make sure community members have everything they need to celebrate the Fourth of July

For six years, Penny Cox and Desiree Sexton have camped out to make sure everyone has fireworks for Independence Day.
Posted at 12:36 PM, Jul 04, 2024


Six years ago, Penny Cox asked Desiree Sexton if she wanted to run a firework stand — today, they are still going strong.

“The firework show, spending time with your family, just making memories — that's the most important thing. We love the Fourth of July. It's a happy day,” Cox said.

They love the holiday so much that even in the brutal summer heat, they camp out for weeks ahead — they want to make sure everyone in the community has fireworks to celebrate Independence Day.

Cox says it takes nearly two days to set up the stand, but also says the hard work is worth it.

The people they speak to and the stories they hear, is what drew them into the firework business.

“The excitement of buying the fireworks — different kinds, what each one of them do, and just kind of getting the kids when they come up, they're so excited about buying fireworks," Cox said.

"It's awesome, it's great — we love doing it."

As they get ready to pack up and head into the “off-season,” they will start preparing for the next big firework holiday — New Years Eve.

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