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Homebuyers have best opportunities during the holidays

Posted at 1:23 PM, Nov 25, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-26 06:34:05-05

CENTRAL TEXAS — If buying a home is at the top of your Christmas list, you're in luck. This time of year is a great time to buy.

Some buyers are looking to take advantage of a less-crowded market after being hit with multiple rejections over the summer. Realtor Roman Novian referred to it in July as "buyer fatigue."

"I think we've kind of gotten to that point where we're seeing buyer fatigue," said Novian. "Where people are just saying, you know, we're going to go rent for a while and then we'll revisit buying later on."

The red-hot housing market of the summer has cooled off and around the holidays there are fewer buyers to contend with. This is perhaps your best time to resume your search for a home.

"If I was going to guide a buyer to get the best pricing, I would say it'd be now," said realtor Pam Hanson.

Hanson says that the holiday season is not a popular time for selling homes, so if you do come across a listing around Thanksgiving or Christmas, it's likely from someone that is ready to make a deal.

"Sometimes the sellers are a little bit more motivated, because typically if they are selling during the holidays, there's a reason that they're selling," said Hanson.

This is also an ideal time for sellers to put their houses on the market. With fewer listings to choose from, your home will have increased visibility and you'll have more leverage in the asking price.

"You've got less competition still right now," said Hanson. "That helps with your prices as well to keep your prices up. And the more you get into spring and summer, that's when everybody lists."

Central Texas realtors called the summer an "abnormal" period for housing (the pandemic being one of many factors) but they say that the distractions of holiday travel and shopping may lure some buyers away from the market, giving you a better chance to have your offer accepted.

If you have found a home you like but you're still on the fence about buying it, you might find that your best deal is right now.