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Governor Abbott says students can return to classrooms in the fall

Posted at 6:00 PM, Jun 18, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-18 19:04:06-04

During an 11 a.m. conference call with state lawmakers Thursday morning, Governor Gregg Abbott confirmed a big step in the process to reopen Texas public schools that will safely allow the welcome back of students in the fall.

The expectation is that there will be safety standards to follow when students walk through the doors in August.

The Texas Education Agency is releasing additional guidance for school districts to follow next week.

“Our teachers and we as administrators want our students to be back and in person to get that in person feel,”said Josh Wucher.

“We may try to pivot to an alternate hybrid plan- A/B alternating schedule. But right now our plan, our intent is to start like a traditional school year on August 17th with all of our students,”said Dr. John Craft.

As plans to move forward are adopted, the TEA is not requiring students to wear masks or requiring COVID-19 testing before the students head back.

“Not everyone is comfortable sending students back and some are uneasy about online learning because its difficult for our parents, many of whom are working,”said Josh Wucher with Waco ISD.

As cases of COVID-19 continue to rise, many parents are worried about sending their kids back to school, but the TEA has confirmed school districts can also offer alternative options.

“We are also planning a parallel virtual platform, so that in the event that students and or parents don’t feel comfortable, and or for whatever reason, COVID-19 related, we will have the virtual platform ready to go from day one,”said Dr. John Craft.

While there is still a lot of uncertainty about what the upcoming school year will look like, what is certain is that the safety of the students and faculty will be the leading factor in all decision making for Texas school districts.