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From tragedy to triumph: This week represents the very best of Central Texas

Posted at 7:34 PM, Apr 09, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-09 20:50:34-04

Through tragedy and triumph, this is a week in Central Texas that should make every single one of us proud to call the area home.

On Monday night, the Baylor Bears proved it's possible to bring a program out of the abyss with complete and total determination.

The players were remarkable all season long, both on and off the court, navigating an ever-changing COVID-19 landscape, while working 24/7 to finish the pursuit of an NCAA championship cut short last year.

Head coach Scott Drew deserves praise for taking a job that no one wanted 18 years ago, and molding it into a model of leadership everyone is talking about 18 years later.

He calls it a culture of JOY: Jesus, Others, and then Yourself.

Most of us didn't know fallen DPS Trooper Chad Walker personally.

But in a way we did.

He's the neighbor always willing to help, and the dad who spends hours at the lake with his kids teaching them all this incredible state has to offer.

He's the boy born in small-town Texas, and he's the man who stays in small-town Texas because for him it's home.

On Wednesday, his wife and four children, embraced by the even larger family that is Groesbeck and Texas law enforcement, said goodbye.

The outpouring of support through #WalkerStrong, a final farewell, it all was a testament to a community that is committed to remembering the man as he lived, not as he died.

We watch over our own in Central Texas, during tragedy and heartache, and during celebration and joy.

It isn’t like that everywhere, and it should make us all proud to live where it is.