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Central Texas pregnant women adjust to new hospital policies

Posted at 11:35 PM, Mar 25, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-26 00:52:53-04

Hospitals in Central Texas have changed their policies for labor and delivery. Some are now only allowing one visitor in the labor and delivery room for the duration.

Celeste Cervantez-Hooks is having a baby boy and counting the minutes until Baby Jamison arrives making them a family of six.

"I'm actually due tomorrow (Thursday). I'm nervous about everything going on. I can only have one visitor. Being cautious and taking everything in," she said.

The one visitor in the delivery room means her husband's bags are ready for the hospital.

"Usually we always have family. My parents, in-laws, my brother, nieces and nephews. To be told one visitor and that visitor has to pack their bag as well is going to be different," said Celeste.

The changes also mean doulas are going remote.

"I think women need more support now than ever," said Waco Doula Founder Micah Burgess.

Burgess is still on-call for her clients via Facetime.

"Both hospitals in Waco have moved to one visitor only policy. So it will just be the partner. That limits us to come in and help support our clients. Not only emotional but physical support. Trying to help them find that best position," said Burgess.

Doulas are hoping the policy will change to allow their support in addition to a visitor.

"Doctors, midwives, nurses don't consider us visitors. One OB said, Micah, what you guys are doing for women makes my job easier," she said.

Once the baby is born, a lot of hand washing at the Hooks' household and no visitors.

"You look great!" said 25 News Anchor Lindsay Liepman.

"Thank you, thank you. I'm just ready. I posted already on what kickstarts labor. I'm ready to get this done and bring him home," Celeste says smiling.

Procedures like tubal ligation are also being postponed. Some women elect to have the surgery while they are already in the hospital after delivering, but now that will have to wait.If you have questions about the labor and delivery policies at your hospital, give them a call to clarify so you are able to plan ahead.