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Candlelight vigil for police shooting victim brings out many

Posted at 11:37 PM, Dec 21, 2019
and last updated 2020-12-01 12:18:51-05

TEMPLE, TX — Organizers of a Saturday night prayer vigil say they want to offer some comfort to the family of Michael Dean, the man killed by a Temple Police officer, while they pray state, and local investigators will finally reveal what really happened the night of Dean's death.

It comes as some on the Temple City Council expressed a need for the city to get better at so-called "crisis communication".

The vigil brought together people from many backgrounds who shared worries that what happened to Dean, could also happen to them.

Among the comments from the vigil;

"He put a smile on anyone's face. I guarantee that. Long live mike dean. Long live Mike Dean.

"Thanksgiving. He'd pray for the food and everybody was looking for him. Everybody asked about him. Because he had prayed for the food. And he made everybody laugh. And I'm out here and it's cold. We want Dean to get his justice. That's all we want. Justice for Dean. Justice for Dean."

"This could've been any of us. Any of our sons any of our daughters. Any of our mothers fathers. This could've been any of us."

"This town has always been united. We're gonna stay united. No matter what it takes. I want you to look around. It's not just one skin color out here. This is our community out here. And we need to do better by each other. We need to stand together with each other. Justice for Michael dean. Justice for all of us."

"We have a duty to fight for freedom. We have a duty to win. We must love and support one another. We have nothing to lose but our chains."