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BBQ restaurant serving up hope, prayers for police chief's recovery

Posted at 9:58 PM, Oct 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-16 23:23:01-04

RIESEL,TX — A barbecue restaurant in Riesel is serving up hope and prayers after the city's police chief, and frequent customer, was seriously injured in a crash while assisting another vehicle on Highway 6.

Most people only see Riesel as a gas stop on the way to Marlin or College Station, but this town has a lot to offer, like quaint houses on tree-lined streets, abundant churches.

People in Riesel like their privacy, so you won't find many opening up here about Chief of Police Danny Krumnow until you get to B & M's Bar-B-Q.

"He's been here for 40 years, so everybody knows him," said semi-retired restauranteur Karlan Bielamowicz, who has known him every bit of that time. She said news of the crash that severely hurt the chief came as a huge shock.

As of Wednesday, Chief Krumnow remains in a great deal of pain, and complications have prevented doctors from performing surgeries he needs.

Everyone 25 News spoke to called the chief tough and a fighter. They said they expect to see him again soon.

"He eats here every day. He should have been here at 2 o'clock and not on the highway. About 2 after the crowd, so it won't be busy," Bielamowicz explained.

She's always liked the fact that Krumnow doesn't judge, that he's quick to tell a joke, and always has pictures of his latest hog hunt or his grandkids.

"He always put a smile on your face when he walked in because he was joking around, yep," she said.

Even in a spot that takes its barbecue seriously, Bobbie McCarver said Krumnow seems more like a member of the family than a customer.

"He sits right there just about every time he comes in," she said, pointing to a table in the middle of the room.

Not only did the chief have a favorite restaurant, he had a favorite table- number 8. It's where he and his family would have lunch and dinner and catch up on what's going on in Riesel.

Now the family of Riesel has begun to pull together for one of their own.

"Yes, they're fixin' to have a bake sale, and they're asking for donations of food, and we plan to participate in all that," said McCarver.

McCarver said they plan to help with as much barbecue and sweet desserts as they can muster.

Those in the restaurant pray here two, three, maybe four times a day for his recovery, though they know recovery will take a while.

"Oh I hope he comes back. I would cry if he didn't", said Bielamowicz, nearly in tears.