Guns in America: The lockdown generation fears being shot, wants to be heard by lawmakers

Posted at 4:23 PM, Jun 09, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-09 20:12:09-04

UVALDE, Texas — De'sean Hope,15, paid his respects in Uvalde after the mass shooting that killed 21 at an elementary school. The 15-year-old honor roll student has experience when it comes to gun violence. He's lost his mother and a few peers.

"Angry, scared, kind of traumatized," says De'sean when asked how his generation is feeling.

Not only did De'sean and his sister experience the loss of their mother, but they are also now part of the lockdown generation.

"It's a generation where a lot of people that are young are carrying guns and schools have to lockdown," said De'sean.

Hiding under a desk just in case of shooting has become a normal part of the school year for many young school children. 95 percent of American public schools drilled studentson lockdown procedures in the event of a shooting.

"When we had our first lockdown at my high school it was scary," said De'sean.

He said he does fear for his life. Spending most of his time playing football and trying to hang out with the right crowd.

Through the mound of flowers, many teens and adults would pay their respects. Many of them were in tears.

"One day it could be a lockdown and it's real," said one high school student.

Guns in America: The lockdown generation fears being shot, wants to be heard by lawmakers

Many of the young people we spoke to who experienced the Uvalde shooting or were touched by the events all said they all knew people had been shot or killed due to gun violence.

"I'm sorry baby, I'm sorry for all that you have to go through," said Vincent Salazar whose granddaughter was killed in Uvalde.

Vincent Salazar's started a petition that calls for a change to the Weapons Purchase Laws in Texas. His petition specifically seeks the ban of assault weapons after the deaths from the Texas School Massacre.

Data shows that 41 percentof shootings at schools are from a student who attends the campus, many times it starts with a fight and escalates.

"They shouldn't have to be going through this," said Salazar.

De'sean is ready to see a change for his generation.

"All the killings need to stop."