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New Marlin ISD superintendent discusses his plans to improve the struggling school district

Posted at 8:02 PM, May 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-21 21:02:07-04

MARLIN, TX — On Wednesday, Marlin ISD announced Dr. Darryl Henson will be the district's new superintendent.

Dr. Henson is a big city guy from Houston with big restructuring plans. Two qualities that may be just what Marlin ISD needs to turn things around.

In February the district lost its accreditation due to poor test scores. Meanwhile parents were left wondering if their students would have to find a new school, but there's hope on the horizon.

Dr. Henson says he's wasting no time on plans for improvement.

"I am the new superintendent here at Marlin ISD. We're gonna have to work differently, think differently in order to attack the challenges that we have today," he said.

Dr. Henson is also a much younger superintendent than what people were expecting.

"I will admit that I am young, but that will allow me to connect to the population, connect with the students and just be myself," he said.

He says his number one priority will be the quality of instruction in the classroom every day.

"I really want to motivate all staff to have a heart for children and a will to win. We want to ensure that teachers are teaching and students are learning. Let's all come together as a one. Let's have a spirit of no fear but also a spirit of work. If you trust Marlin ISD with your child's education, we will take care of them like no one else can," said Dr. Henson.

The TEA says so far no decision has been made on the results of the informal review to reevaluate Marlin ISD.