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Brother of Michael Dean wants stricter charge for officer that killed him

Posted at 8:26 PM, Jun 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-01 12:18:45-05

TEMPLE, TX — As the days go by, the family of Michael Dean cherishes the memories they made together.

"He's just a positive light to be around, and he will make you okay again," said his widow Iqueshia Buster.

"He was a family person... I'm gonna tell you that right now," said Jeremy Dean, Michael's youngest brother. "Michael was the type of person to put his problems to the side, to address your problems."

Dean was shot and killed in December 2019 during a traffic stop in Temple, the same day as his daughter's 6th birthday.

"Like I told my nieces, I'm always gonna love them. I'm always gonna be there. Just like my other brothers told them, we the daddies. We the uncles and the daddies at the same time," said Jeremy.

Although his death was a tragic loss for the family, it brought them closer together.

"He would want to see a change in society to where I can walk down this street and not have to worry about being shot," said Jeremy Dean.

Hearing President Trump mention his brother's name gave Jeremy hope that the scales of justice swing in their favor.

"I think that Carmen DeCruz charge should be upgraded," said Jeremy. "Cause manslaughter just like a slap in the wrist. You do the crime but you don't do the time."

He believes if DeCruz was trained properly, the situation with his brother would have ended differently.

"It was a better way for you to address the situation... instead of pulling the trigger, that's all I'm gonna say," said Jeremy Dean.

Former officer DeCruz was charged for manslaughter in the death of Michael Dean, but the Dean family said they would like to see that charge upgraded to first degree murder.

DeCruz bonded out of jailand is expected to appear in court on July 30.