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Widow of Michael Dean hoping for justice months after his death

Posted at 9:36 PM, Jun 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-01 12:18:45-05

Raise a family with someone, and it isn't long before you know your other half better than anyone.

“He was a great father. When they talk about a Dad’s dad, they’re talking about Michael,” said Iqueshia Buster.

Buster spent years loving Michael Dean. She still does, and has never spoken publicly about the loss of her common-law husband until now.

“He didn’t know any strangers. You could meet him and I promise you, 10 to 15 minutes later you’d feel like you knew him your whole life," said Buster.

Dean was shot and killed in December of last year during what should’ve been a routine traffic stop by Temple police.

Tuesday in the Rose Garden, President Donald Trump mentioned Dean, along with so many other unarmed black men who are now dead because of police encounters.

“It’s appreciated, very much appreciated. This type of thing, it needs to stop happening,” said Buster.

She is grateful the president acknowledged her family’s loss, and is encouraged to see police reform finally come to the forefront. But she feels like all it should've happened months ago.

“When we get hit hard, we gotta push. We gotta continue to lead this fight so this doesn’t happen to anyone else no more,” said Buster.

She’s following the manslaughter case against former Temple officer Carmen DeCruz closely, hoping for justice while remaining equally hopeful Michael’s legacy will endure no matter what.

“If you knew him, you loved him […] everything about him,” Buster said, choking back tears.

DeCruz is out on bond. He is expected in court on July 30.