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Luna Juice Bar in Waco bought back by original owner

Posted at 7:20 AM, Mar 22, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-22 08:43:06-04

WACO, Texas — In honor of Women’s History Month, 25 News is highlighting local women who are inspiring others and changing the world for the better.

Summer Dalton, a local business owner, has overcome the obstacles of running her own juice bar and past battles with addiction.

Luna Juice Bar has been a staple in the Waco Community for years and Dalton has made it her mission to inspire and help customers on their health journey.

“Nutrition is so vital to mental health and mental stability,” said Dalton.

And staying healthy both physically and mentally is one of her top priorities, as Dalton struggled with addiction in the past.

“Starting off is the hardest part," Dalton said.

"Admitting that you have a problem, that you're being abused, or that you haven’t figured out how to do life yet is just always the biggest part of the struggle,”

When Dalton was in recovery, she relied on healthy habits to keep her on track, like making smoothies.

“If I'm eating right, working out, being healthy, doing healthy things, then it is much easier for me to stay on a healthy path,” Dalton said.

The juice bar opened in 2013, but in December of 2019, Dalton was ready for a change of pace and sold her business.

But things quickly took a turn when the pandemic hit shortly after.

“Three months after they bought Luna Juice from me, the world shut down. And it was just a really hard transition,” said Dalton.

But, just last month, Dalton bought back her business.

“It’s not that great for an entrepreneur not to be seeking business and so my mental health wasn’t that great," Dalton said.

"My physical health wasn’t that great and being back here has really given me a sense of purpose and something to do, a reason to get up every morning.”

And through the ups and downs of both life and her business, she hopes that more women continue to pursue their dreams despite the obstacles put in their way.

“Do it when you don’t want to get up in the morning," she said.

"Do it when people tell you it’s not going to work,

"Do it when your family says you are wasting time and money,

"Do it anyway,

"Because even if you fail,

"Then you’ve won by breaking through the hardships and learning lessons in life.”