Houston high school bans leggings in dress code for parents

Posted at 12:43 PM, Apr 23, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-23 13:45:36-04

HOUSTON, TX — A Houston-area high school is causing a stir after the principal recently released a parent dress code which bans any parents from wearing leggings on the campus.

Madison High School Principal Carlotta Outley Brown sent a memo to parents and campus guests with the new guidelines.

“To prepare our children and let them know daily, the appropriate attire they are supposed to wear when entering a building, going somewhere, applying for a job, or visiting someone outside of the home setting,” the memo reads. “I am going to enforce these guidelines on a daily basis at Madison High School. We are preparing our children for the future and it begins here.”

The guideline bans anyone from going on school premises who is wearing one of the following:

  • A satin cap or bonnet on their head
  • Hair rollers
  • Pajamas or house shoes
  • Jeans that are torn “from your buttocks all the way down”
  • Leggings without a shirt that covers their bottom
  • “Very low cut tops” or revealing tops
  • Sagging pants, shorts or jeans
  • Men wearing undershirts
  • "Short” shorts including “Daisy Dukes” and other low riders shorts
  • Certain dresses that do not meet length requirements

The guideline extends to all events that happen on campus grounds, including sports events.