Firefighters battle 3 wildfires covering 17,000 acres across Texas

Posted at 4:15 PM, Aug 19, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-19 17:27:38-04

TEXAS — Firefighters in Texas are battling three wildfires covering more than 17,000 acres across the state.

A fire in Hardeman County near Quanah has burned an estimated 8,830 acres and is 40 percent contained, said the Texas A&M Forest Service. After initial estimates of 12,000 acres, the Forest Service said the fire perimeter was mapped for a more accurate acreage.

Another fire in Sutton County has burned over 2,400 acres. The Bird Ranch Fire in Cottle County is estimated to have spread to 7,000 acres and is 25 percent contained.

The Spur Ranch Headquarters fire in Dickens County burned approximately 1,641 acres but is now 100 percent contained, according to the Texas A&M Forest Service.

The Teague Fire Department released a statement about the wildfires and current conditions in the area, citing yesterday's "feels like" temperature of 106 degrees with humidity levels dipping near 40 percent. The department warned that there is a lot of vegetation (fire fuel).

To the firefighters in Hardeman County and across the state, Teague fire says, "Prayers for all of our fellow firefighters that are out working tirelessly to fight these fires. May God bless them and keep them safe."

Conditions have lead 16 Central Texas Counties to issue burn bans over the last two months, including Leon, Falls and Bell County that issued burn bans Monday, Aug.19.