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We hear from local voters about their concerns ahead of Election Day

Posted at 8:15 PM, Nov 07, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-07 21:15:21-05

WACO, Texas — Voters only have one day to cast their ballots for the 2022 elections and many are planning to go to the polls tomorrow.

We wanted to know what concerns they are taking with them as they make their selections, so we spoke with a handful of local voters about the issues they are aiming to change with their votes. Common issues like school security and getting control on inflation is top of mind for many.

Voters like Victoria Calhoun and Kirk Zetterstrom are ready to cast their ballots.

“I guess my greatest concern really is the safety of Texas public schools so ill carry that into my voting," said Zetterstrom.

“It’s mostly education for our children because they are our future and because we need to be behind them as a confidant," Calhoun said.

Other voters like Sofia Villarreal had different concerns about utilizing early voting.

“I kind of just wanted to make sure, everyone was represented. Not just a certain type of group of people and I was also making sure not only was I represented but the community I stand with that is woman, that is LGBTIQ, that is people from different ethnicities, everyone and everything," said Villareal.

Others in the community like Mitzi Parrish have concerns about the economy.

“Voting for someone in office that can control the economy the rising prices, lower the rising prices," said Parrish.

Waco Transit will be providing bus rides to voting locations for Baylor students and Waco residents on election day.

McLennan Democrat and Republican parties are also offering free rides to voting locations.