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Want to donate to The Cove? We've got you covered

Posted at 6:48 AM, Jul 30, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-30 09:14:24-04

For the past three years, high school students undergoing homelessness have been able to find after-school care at The Cove.

Making a difference through donations to The Cove can come in different forms. Diversified funding, community resources and help from volunteers are the heart of what keeps The Cove successful.

The Cove had 1,359 visits over the 138 days they were open in the 2017-18 school year.

Donating time

“We live off the volunteer support no matter what that is– they’re not [all] people with social work backgrounds. But they’re people who can make a meal,” said David Brennan, board chair.

Volunteers at The Cove come from a range of backgrounds. Volunteering opportunities include becoming involved as a tutor, social worker, counselors, mentor, fundraising volunteer, committee member, meal provider or event volunteer.

Donating resources

“The Cove is helping with providing transportation , they’ve helped with doing some of the meals in the evenings, the showers,…helped with providing a counselor here, as well, that youth can utilize,” said Kelli McAdams, social worker.

When you enter The Cove, you will find showers, a washer and dryer, a counseling room, a supply closet, an art room, a library, a gym, a kitchen and rooms for leisure. The supply closet is stocked with school supplies and basic toiletries.

The counseling room is filled with sensory items to ease any anxiety from students. Sensory room items include fidget spinners, weighted plush items, slime and an aromatherapy diffuser.

The Cove’s goal is to be able to send students home with these items.

Here is a list of what The Cove needs:

  • The Cove transports students to and from school and are asking for a 12-passenger van for field trips and day-to-day transportation.
  • A refrigerator with an ice maker.
  • A water cooler dispenser and backpacks for back-to-school would be gratefully appreciated

You can find The Cove’s full Amazon wishlist here.

Donating funds

“We need private donors, we need public donors in order to make this work,” said Brennan.

Like any nonprofit, The Cove needs diversity in donations whether that be time, resources or money.

Before the school year begins, donors can cover the cost of food for every weekend on the school calendar through a Packs of Hope subscription. Each subscription is $150 and The Cove is hoping for at least 20 subscriptions.

For more information on The Cove, and what you can do to help, visit their website.



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