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Waco Tours ranks top 5 best activities in the nation on TripAdvisor

Posted at 5:20 PM, Jul 02, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-02 18:20:28-04

WACO, TX — Waco Tours has ranked #4 in the nation on TripAdvisor for the best activities to do in the nation. In business for only 5 years this was an accomplishment due to dedication, sharing their love of Waco.

Co-founders David Ridley and Luke Whyte are best friends that wanted decided to buy a van one day and take people around the city.

"That's what it's always been about, is helping share the love of Waco and just encourage and spread hope among people as much as possible," Whyte said.

From the help of their guides, it's been a fun adventure as they've had more than 85,000 passengers land and water.

"Getting on a van and just being ourselves and having fun and doing what we felt called to do at that time is really what made this experience start," Ridley said.

Of course, it's the Silos that have put Waco on the map but there is so much more to offer that Waco Tours shines a light on. Traveling across the downtown area, on both sides of I35, they're visiting local shops and eateries all while telling Waco's history.

"We care about everybody in Waco and we want everybody to benefit as much as possible from our tour experience from the places to shop and the restaurants to go to," Ridley said.

One stop on the tour is Heritage Creamery, a local ice cream shop that provides one free scoop to the Waco Tours passengers. Operations Manager, Scott Spain-Smith has loved working alongside this group because it means more foot traffic for him and other local businesses.

"Which is great for Waco because tourism dollars are dollars that are being made elsewhere and then being spent here," Spain-Smith said.

Spain-Smith loves to meet all the new people from near and far that visit his creamery, Waco Tours helps that and after just one bite visitors are hooked.

"We see tons of people that come not only in the tour but then they come back while they're staying in Waco, or they come and visit again and we're already on their must stop list," Spain-Smith said.

Their whole goal is to make you love Waco just as much as they do, this business was built on friendship. Ridley, Whyte and their guides all have infectious personalities that will leave you with memories to last.

"Friendship is kind of contagious when you get around other people especially when you're intentionally inclusive with the strangers. That friendship is such a foundation piece of who we are as a company," Whyte said.

Many that book this tour and after it's over, passengers say it's just a feeling you get that makes it the best tour they've been on in the world.

From here they say they'll work hard to reach the number one spot and in doing so they're always looking for new boat captains and tour guides to join their team.

To book with Waco Tours, visit their website.

Heritage Creamery also has two locations. One downtown by Baylor and the other in Woodway.